Buna Qela is a board-led organization. It has five board members, including a chairman, deputy chairman and secretary. The board is chaired by Mr. Israel Degefa, who is also the founder and main funder of the organization. The board meets every three months and makes decisions on strategic issues, and provides guidance to the management of the organization.

The board has many high level decision making roles, of which few key ones are listed below:

  • The board is the highest decision making body of the organization.
  • The board has the responsibility of revising the article of association of the organization.
  • It reviews annual activities report, financial report, audit report, annual budget and approves them, including other relevant decisions.
  • Reviews and approves annual work programs, annual plan and budget.
  • Decides on the organizations policy and strategy issues.
  • Supervises and follows up how the Executive Director of the organization is implementing decisions passed by the board; to mention few of the main ones.

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Gemechu Bekele Dabassa

Deputy Director &
Acting Executive Director

Hawi KifleMariam Tilahun


Argeta Geneti

Program Officer

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Access to clean water

Access to clean water in most rural areas of Ethiopia, the local communities do not have access to clean water.


Electric power supply

Access to electric power supply in most rural areas, people use wood fuel for both heat/cooking and light.


Rural road construction

Rural roads are vital to access market and public service facilities like health centers and schools.


Primary schools construction

Primary Schools construction access to primary education is also among the top priority problems.


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