Outcomes for current year interventions

Improved income and livelihood

The livelihhods of coffee farming communities depend on coffee production, food crops production and livestock husbandry. Coffee is, however, the major source of cash income, complemented bu other agricultural activities. The program primarily focuses on improving productivity and quality of coffee. Besides, it will also strengthen agricultural extension services, focusing increasing access to veterinary and extension service infrastructure.

Improved access to social infrastructure

Access to education, clean water, health facilities and energy are also vital for sustainable development of a community. Buna Qela strives to improve access to such infrastructures of coffee farming communities in order to bring integrated development. In order to deliver the expected outcomes, the following activities shall be carried out:

Outcome 1 activities

Output 1: Improve coffee productivity

Activities to improve productivity include the following:

  • Coffee stand management- like pruning and stumping, upto 100 ha
  • Provision of coffee seedlings to replace old stock, up to 1,000,000 seedlings
  • Promoting use of compost to improve soil fertility, for 100 farmers
  • Improve shade trees management- to support coffee productivity and enhance environmental services.
  • Assess shade trees conditions in five selected sites.

Output 2: Improve coffee quality

Key activities to improve coffee quality include the following:

  • Trainings on coffee quality management, focusing on harvesting and post-harvest handling;
  • Trainings on good social and environmental practices that are required by different certification standards.

Output 3: improve access to other agricultural services

Key activities under this output are the following:

  • Construction veterinary clinics
  • Construction of farmers’ training centers

Outcome 2 activities

Output 1: Improve access to clean water

Key activities to deliver this output include

  • Conduct needs assessment
  • Commission drilling and construction of two deep wellds in Adola Redde
  • Create awareness on use of the deep well and strengthening of governance structure
  • develop spring water for local use- at 8 locations
  • Pilot dissemination of household water purification kit for 20 households

Output 2: Improve rural access road

Key activities to deliver this output include

  • Conduct needs assessment
  • Commission construction of access road

Output 1: Improve access to electricity

Key activities to deliver this output include

  • Conduct needs assessment
  • Commission construction of powerline connecting to beneficiary villages;

Output 1: Improve access to primary education

Key activities to deliver this output include

  • Conduct needs assessment
  • Commission construction of two primary school buildings: in Ugara woreda (Sonqole Hora school in Sonqole Hora Kebele) and Kercha woreda (Dawa Mexi school in Guracho kebele).
  • Provide furniture and facilities.

Organizational and Program Development Activities

Beside the program activities that contribute to accomplishment of the two pillars and associated outputs, Buna Qela shall also implement different organization and program development activities, described below.

Output 1: Development of manuals and procedures

In order to develop transparent and effective management Buna Qela will develop different tools like Administrative Manuals (including personnel management and procurement procedures), financial management manual and system. Buna Qela will outsource development of the manuals and systems.

Output 2: Development of result-based monitoring and reporting system

Effective monitoring and reporting systems are critical for effeciency and success of an organization. Result-based monitoring system allows collecting information or data in certain intervals of time, that shall be used to generate reports and management purposes. This will be developed internally, with certain technical support of external experts.

Ouput 3: Development of organizational strategic plan

Having clear short, medium and long term goals and strategic directions are critical to guide development and operations of an organization in the current dynamic world. During this year, a strategic plan for the next one year, five years and 10 years will be developed. The draft startegic plan will developed internally, and tabled for discussion and approval of the board by mid 2020.

Ouput 4: Needs assessment for program development

Buna Qela’s flagship program (INCODEP) interventions shall be guided by solid knowledge and deman of its clients. We will conduct needs assessment of the beneficiary communities and interests of our major donors. We will also establsih a system to conduct allied research in order to take informed decisions and development interventions that brings sustainable impacts. In 2020, we plan to conduct needs assessment in target coffee farming communities in Oromia. Besides, we will form partnership with strategic partners to start conducting action research relevant for our program areas of intervention.

Output 5: Enhance communication and visibility

In order to increase visibility the organization and its operations, Buna Qela shall carryout different activities:

  • Development of website and regular updates
  • Publications of brochures
  • Sign boards and corner stones ate program financed project sites.

Our Works

Access to clean water

Access to clean water in most rural areas of Ethiopia, the local communities do not have access to clean water.

Electric power supply

Access to electric power supply in most rural areas, people use wood fuel for both heat/cooking and light.

Rural road construction

Rural roads are vital to access market and public service facilities like health centers and schools.

Primary schools construction

Primary Schools construction access to primary education is also among the top priority problems.

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