Since its establishment, Buna Qela has implemented a number social development and coffee improvement projects. The main ones include social development projects like clean water supply, electric supply, construction of access road, construction of primary schools, construction clinics (human and veterinary), construction of farmers’ training center and construction of church; and coffee improvement activities like distribution of quality coffee seedlings, stumping, pruning, compost and training on quality and requirements of different certification standards.

Up to 2019, Buna Qela development activities were coordinated and implemented by volunteer management and staff members of Kerchanshe Trading PLC. Over the past two years, Kerchanshe staff members have performed the following development activities so far:

Project/ Intervention type Unit Quantity # of beneficiary kebeles/ community number
Clean Water supply Number of deep well 5 4
Electric supply Number 6 6
Access Road Km 54 10
Primary School Building 5 4
Vet Clinic Building 1 1
FTC Building 1 1
Church Building 2 2
Coffee seedlings Number 5,000,000.00 11
Stumping Number, Site 2 2
Pruning Number, Site 2 2
Compost/ Organic fertilizer Number, Site 13 13

As of July 2019, Buna Qela employed its Executive Director and other core staff members like accountant and program officer. The organization has also developed its integrated development program, titled Integrated Coffee Farmers’ Community Development Program (INCODEP). Buna Qela’s INCODEP program is financed by Kerchanshe Trading and its coffee business partners. Besides financial support from Kerchanshe and its partners, Buna Qela management and staff members will continue to closely implement development activities with Kerchanshe staff members working at different localities within coffee producing community.

The following table summarizes activities and projects planned for 2019 & 2020

No. Project Unit Planned Quantity Remark
A Community Development
1 Construction of Access Road Km 5 One community/ site
2 Clean Water Supply Number 7 2 deep and 3 shallow wells
3 Construction of New Primary School Number 2 2 communities
4 Connecting to elecricity/ access Number 1 One community/ site
B Coffee Productivity and Quality Improvement
5 Raising coffee Seedlings Number 1,000,000 10 communities/ site
6 Training on Coffee Quality Number 10 5 sites
7 Training on Certification Standards Number 10 5 sites

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Access to clean water

Access to clean water in most rural areas of Ethiopia, the local communities do not have access to clean water.

Electric power supply

Access to electric power supply in most rural areas, people use wood fuel for both heat/cooking and light.

Rural road construction

Rural roads are vital to access market and public service facilities like health centers and schools.

Primary schools construction

Primary Schools construction access to primary education is also among the top priority problems.

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