The target populations are coffee farming communities in different zone of Oromia and the SNNP regional states that are also close to Kerchanshe Trading PLC’s operational areas. Currently, Kerchanche Trading is working in more than 40 kebeles/ communities found in 9 woredas of Oromia, and 2 woredas of SNNP, with over 28,000 coffee farming households. The target populations for different interventions are prioritized from these communities.

We are working in 42 Kebeles (villages) in 9 districts in three zones:

Zone District Villages
West Arsi Nensebo Tulu Gola Village
East Guji Adola Rede, Anana Sora, Urga Adola rede (Anfarara and Dole Villeges,
Ana Sora (Sama Hamdale Village),
Urga (Sonqole Hora Village)
West Guji Qarcha, Galana, Abaya, Hambala, Wamana and Bule Hora Qarch (Guracho, Bedessa, Ebu Abay and Mokonisa Villages),
Wamana and Hambala (Dari Kidame, Haro Sorsa, Tirtira Goyo and Dimtu Magala Villeges),
Abaya (Dabasa Village),
Bule Hora (Qilinso Mokanisa, Qilinso Rasa, Saraji Abude Madana and Burqa Ebala Villeges)

Access to clean water

Access to clean water in most rural areas of Ethiopia, the local communities do not have access to clean water.

Access to electric power supply

Access to electric power supply in most rural areas, people use wood fuel for both heat/cooking and light.

Rural road construction

Rural roads are vital to access market and public service facilities like health centers and schools.

Primary schools construction

Primary Schools construction access to primary education is also among the top priority problems.

Health clinics

Health clinics Human health clinics are mainly located in urban areas. Rural communities have lack of access to health care facilities.

Quality of coffee

Farmers manage old coffee stands that are poorly managed, and hence the productivity is low. This needs improvement through improved management practices.

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