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Buna Qela Charity Association is a local, non-political, non-religious and not-for profit civil society organization, first licensed and registered in June 2017 and re-registered in July 2019 by the Agency for Civil Society Organizations of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopian (Registration Number 3804), as per the new Civil Society law (Proc. 1113/2019). Buna Qela was established by the owners and staff members of Kerchanshe Trading PLC, which the leading coffee producing and exporting company in Ethiopia.

Since its establishment, Buna Qela has implemented a number social development and coffee improvement projects. The main ones include social development projects like clean water supply, electric supply, construction of access road, construction of primary schools, construction clinics (human and veterinary), construction of farmers’ training center and construction of church; and coffee improvement activities like distribution of quality coffee seedlings, stumping, pruning, compost and training on quality and requirements of different certification standards.

Up to 2019, Buna Qela development activities were coordinated and implemented by volunteer management and staff members of Kerchanshe Trading PLC. As of July 2019, Buna Qela has employed its own staff members. The organization is developing its flagship integrated development program, Integrated Coffee Farmers’ Community Development Program (INCODEP). Buna Qela’s INCODEP program is financed by Kerchanshe Trading and its coffee business partners around the world. This annual work plan is for implementation of INCODEP program in 2020.

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Access to clean water

Access to clean water in most rural areas of Ethiopia, the local communities do not have access to clean water.


Electric power supply

Access to electric power supply in most rural areas, people use wood fuel for both heat/cooking and light.


Rural road construction

Rural roads are vital to access market and public service facilities like health centers and schools.


Primary schools construction

Primary Schools construction access to primary education is also among the top priority problems.


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